Zagori Villas

ZagoriVillas: Traditional and Sophisticated

Our traditional houses combine the harmony of the mountain surroundings with the warmth of Zagori villages hospitality. You can enjoy a wonderful trip for 2 or more days here, getting advantage of the extremely beautiful landscapes and the chance to participate in mountain activities (Trekking etc.)

ZagoriVillas offer the possibility to be just half an hour from Ioannina aiport as well travel to all famous Zagori destinations and villages, as it is located at the heart of Zagori region!

Our Standard

1. Ideal Location in Zagori region
No matter where you are coming from, ZagoriVillas is located in an ideal place, close to all Hepirus sightseeing and central points of interest. Your are just half an hour away Ioannina (and Ioannina airport too) while you are also so close to the most of Zagorohoria interesting landscapes and other villages by car.
2. Warm Hospitality
Get advantage of our amenities, by preparing your own meals (fully equipped kitchen) and staying at a warm stone traditional house with beautiful rooms and excellent building facilities. Walk on the stone paths of village Koukkouli and get some photos at the central old square of the village, a really magnificent place for any visitor worldwide.
3. We offer special gifts!
When you arrive at ZagoriVillas, we offer some special gifts for you! A bottle of wine, a traditional family pie, made of seasonal ingredients and of course a bottle of "greek tsipouro" to drink which you should not omit to taste any time you visit our Houses or Zagori region in general!
4. Participate in Mountain Activities
Being in Zagori is an excellent experience in case you love a mountain trip. Moreover, it could be a fascinating experience in case you also love mountain activities and need to add a pinch of adventure to your holiday! If you are interested in taking part in outdoor activities (eg hiking, rafting etc.), you can contact us to provide more information.